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Our range of petware products is made from superior quality stainless steel ensuring that they are highly durable. Hygienic, odour free, chew proof, easy to clean and dishwasher safe, each piece is hand polished by the finest artisans. An everlasting gift for your pets.

Non skid Bowls

Non skid Bowl pyramid Embossed
CODE : MI-1201
Regular Non skid Dog bowl 8,16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1202

Regular Non skid bowl w ..mbossed 8,16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1203
NoN skid Dog bowl Top Embossed 16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1204

Non Skid Dog Bowl Belly shaped 8,16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1205
NON skid Dog bowl pyramid shape 8,16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1206

Non Skid Dog bowl Side cut 8,16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1207
NON skid Dog bowl cocker 12,32 oz
CODE : MI-1208

Non skid Dog bowl coloured 8,16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1209
NON skid dog bowl colured with side embossed
CODE : MI-1210

Non skid Dog bowls colure .. printing 8,16,24,32,64,96 oz
CODE : MI-1211
NoN skid dog bowl colour ribbed
CODE : MI-1212

Ribbed Dog Bowl
CODE : MI-1213
Non skid Dog bowl With etching.
CODE : MI-1214

Anti skid bowl with colour & Metal Logo
CODE : MI-1215